Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taylor Swift ft T-Pain- Thug Story | Music Video | Lyrics

Best new music blog provides you this new Taylor Swift Thug Story Video Featuring T-Pain. This new music video collaboration between American hip hop, R&B singer-songwriter T-Pain and American country-pop singer-songwriter Taylor Swift was premiered at the 2009 CMT Awards. Some people are describing this collaboration as Taylor Swift going gangster. Let us know what you think.

Taylor Swift ft T-Pain - Thug Story Lyrics

Hey (Hey)
T-Swizzle (T-Swizzle)
T-Pizzle (T-Pizzle)

I’m like eight-foot-fo’, blonde hair to the flo’
You shawties never thought I dreamed about rapping hardcore
No, I ain’t got a gun
No, I never really been in a club
I still live with my parents but I’m still a thug
I’m so gangsta you can find me baking cookies at night
You out clubbin’? Well, I just made Caramel Delights
T-Swizz and T-Pain, rapping on the same track
It’s a thug story, tell me can you handle that?
I had a dream last night
I had high-top Nikes
I had diamonds in my mouth
And diamonds on my mic
By the time I awoke I was singin’
(I’m on a boa-o-whoa-oat)

‘Cause I’m a singa ternt rapper (Shawty, I’ma make ya)
Straight to the top, yo (Shawty, I’ma take ya)
You can call me T-Swizzy, now I’m a rap star (It’s a thug story, now tell ‘em who you are)
Singa ternt gangsta (You don’t wanna fight me)
Straight to the top (In my extra small white tee)
T-Swizzle, T-Pain, all up on the same track
It’s a thug story, now can you get with that?
What? What? I knit sweaters, yo
What? What? Don’t test me, (bleep)

Hey, hold on
Hold on, I didn’t even say anything
I said yo (Yo)
You guys bleeped me and I didn’t even say anything
I didn’t even swear (She didn’t even swear)
Hello? Ugh


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