Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Of Fungi and Foe Album by Les Claypool

Of Fungi and Foe

This new music album is from Les Claypool. It is the second solo album from Leslie Edward Claypool or also known as Colonel Claypool. It was released last March 17, 2009 and produced by Les Claypool himself. Of Fungi and Foe album features some great artist like Eugene Hütz, Paulo Baldi, Mike Dillon, Lapland Miclovik, Sam Bass, Cage Claypool, and Bryonn Bain.

This album is, hands down, the best work Claypool has ever done and most likely only a preview of what will come from him in the future. My favorite song here is the "Mushroom Men". Other tracks that are included are "Amanitas", "Red State Girl", "Booneville Stomp", "What Would Sir George Martin Do", "You Can't Tell Errol Anything", "Bite Out of Life", "Kazoo", "Primed by 29", "Pretty Little Song", and "Ol' Rosco".


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